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Storm Fins

I make surfboard fins, they're good. Some of them reeally SHREDDD!!!

Third Surf

I've been surfing for a quarter century now, and I still love it!

I sell lean, mean, fat and cozy surfboard fins. Come have a look at what Toddy's got for ya.

I'm also trying to make boring places more fun: • [late winter 2019] install 3D printer fin lab in Ecuador at an epic spot that breaks fins. Train locals to run it, create a community computer/3D lab and give the surfers an affordable source of fins. • [early Spring 2019] begin learning shaping with Alfred (A Tello) in Lima, learn his hand shape twin fin styles • [early winter 2018] go to Kauai, cash in on that invite I got in Gland in May'09 to get help exploring the surfcraft design I'd used to slay it there. • [midsummer 2019] keep hanging out in South America. Make fins, surf everywhere.

Our values

Coffee is an amazing part of human culture but it has a dark side too – one of colonialism and mindless abuse of natural resources and human lives. We want to turn this around and return the coffee trade to the drink’s exhilarating, empowering and unifying nature.

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