Epic shredding

ultra glide defeater fins, Marties,

Navy plots


forecasting swells

wind conditions

Great spirits in all of us

I'm holding dear to my dreams of setting up little video arcades, robot factories and fin centers.

A close up of shreddingly good fins
A cup of pu-erh is almost always a great call

“Todd helps me shred way better! ”

Sean Curran

“Kaldi is the place to go if you want the best quality coffee. I love their stance on empowering farmers and transparency.”

Philipp Trommler

Monthly subscriptions

We make it easy to make great coffee a part of your life. Choose one of our monthly subscription plans to receive great coffee at your doorstep each month. Contact us about more details and payment info.



Perfect for the drinker who likes to enjoy 1-2 cups per day.

  • 3 lbs of coffee per month

  • Green or roasted beans"

  • One or two varieties of beans"



Great for avid drinkers, java-nsoving couples and bigger crowds

  • 6 lbs of coffee per month

  • Green or roasted beans

  • Up to 4 different varieties of beans



Want a few tiny batches from different varieties? Try our custom plan

  • Whatever you need

  • Green or roasted beans

  • Unlimited varieties